I’ve been an Army brat, an Army wife and now I’m a Navy mom and the wife of an Air Force veteran. I started this business after making my Navy son, Michael, a scrapbook of his naval career. It was a labor of love, but frustrating because I couldn’t find a source for military items that had everything in one place, arranged so you could coordinate your materials. I hope our website fulfills that wish for you.

My partner in this enterprise is my other son, David, who was born in the military hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve been through the separation and anxiety of having a father deployed in Korea during that war, a husband deployed in Vietnam, and a son recently deployed in the Persian Gulf. My daughter-in-law and I have a great relationship and I like to think that I help her get through the tough times. Being a part of the military was like being a part of a large extended family, and I’m sure that it’s like that for those of you who are associated with law enforcement and firefighting. We’d like to welcome you to our Service Memories family, and hope that you feel at home.

Feel free to drop me a note on this weblog and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Jann Rummig Hunt


scrapbooking, polymer clay, beading, my grandchildren